Morketing每日监测7.14:WPP将60%的Kantar 股权出售给贝恩资本;光线传媒上半年净利润预计下滑超95%;全球上市互联网30强榜单公布,中国企业占据1/3

Morketing每日监测7.14:WPP将60%的Kantar 股权出售给贝恩资本;光线传媒上半年净利润预计下滑超95%;全球上市互联网30强榜单公布,中国企业占据1/3

【摘要】据多家外媒报道,WPP宣布将旗下市场研究公司Kantar的 60%股权出售给贝恩资本(Bain Capital)私募股权公司。

1、WPP将60%的Kantar 股权出售给贝恩资本

据多家外媒报道,WPP宣布将旗下市场研究公司Kantar的 60%股权出售给贝恩资本(Bain Capital)私募股权公司。在该交易中,贝恩资本对Kantar估值为40亿美元(约合32亿英镑)。WPP从该笔交易中的收益(扣除税收和对Kantar的持续投资)预计约为31亿美元。WPP将保留净收益的60%用于减少债务,其余收益(约12亿美元)将返还股东。






根据咨询机构Coresight Research的跟踪调查,美国零售商今年迄今已宣布关闭7062家门店。到2019年底,这一数字可能会超过1.2万,创下新的纪录。去年,Coresight跟踪的关店数为5524家,这比2017年创下的历史记录8139家减少超30%。










为了激励年轻女性对于体育运动的兴趣和热情,阿迪达斯开展了一项新活动,将中国古代四大巾帼英雄与现代的四项体育运动相结合,德国的创意机构Miami Ad School为此次活动设计了一组平面海报,水墨画的形式与现代元素相融合,非常具有中国特色。

9、美的热水器 X 新氧APP,家电界的跨界怎么低调得起来?





WarnerMedia’s announcement Wednesday that three of its top sales executives would leave as part of a reorg reflects changing times in the business of network TV.

Donna Speciale, president of ad sales, Dan Riess, EVP of Turner Ignite, and Frank Sgrizzi, EVP of portfolio sales and client partnerships, are leaving WarnerMedia one year after its acquisition by AT&T. Speciale had been with the company for seven years, Riess for 20 and Sgrizzi for 27.

11、Bain Capital收购凯度60%的股权

WPP said Friday it has sold a 60% majority stake in Kantar to Bain Capital in a deal that values the company at around $4 billion. Read the release.

The news marks the end of a months-long bidding process that involved Apollo Global Management and Vista Partners. Bloomberg reported earlier in July that Bain had emerged as the highest bidder.


Location intelligence company NinthDecimal is rolling out what it calls “the industry’s first multi-touch attribution (MTA) solution for foot traffic measurement.” The approach takes a more holistic look at different consumer touchpoints and how they impact offline store visitation.

NinthDecimal President David Staas says the company already has “200 customers running live with 500 different campaigns” and that there has been a very positive response from both brands and agencies. Staas characterizes the MTA approach as “a fundamental rethinking of foot-traffic measurement.”


Marketing research firm Nielsen has launched a service to provide podcasting networks with insights on their audiences such as genre preferences and purchasing habits. The data comes from Nielsen’s biannual podcast survey of 30,000 respondents.

How it works. Networks can subscribe to the new Nielsen Podcast Listener Buying Power Service to have their podcasts included in the survey, which includes questions regarding genre preferences, purchasing plans, podcasts and other consumer and listener behaviors.


Facebook is introducing new details to its “Why I’m seeing this ad” feature for users. It now shows the interests and categories used to target the ad and how the ad targeting information was collected — meaning, the website or Facebook Page a user may have visited. The tool links to options to hide ads from an advertiser or remove ad targeting data from their profiles.

15、LinkedIn更新Campaign Manager,添加了品牌意识、转化率等选项

LinkedIn is adding three new features to its Campaign Manager advertising platform, along with an optimized click pricing option. The new features include Brand Awareness campaigns that charge by impressions, enhanced integration with its website conversion tracking capabilities and ads for LinkedIn Talent Solutions customers to help with recruitment measures.

16、Cheetah Digital收购Wayin Inc.为营销人员提供第一方数据

Direct marketing provider Cheetah Digital announced that it has acquired data solutions firm, Wayin Inc. Wayin specializes in data acquisition technology that allows marketers to create interactive quizzes, questionnaires and games while collecting first-and so-called “zero-party” data from consumers who opt-in to participate. Coined by Forrester, zero-party data refers to information that is actively provided by users rather than inferred.


There are successful companies that grow fast and garner tons of press. Then there’s Roblox, a company which took at least a decade to hit its stride and has, relative to its current level of success, barely gotten any recognition or attention.

Why has Roblox’s  story gone mostly untold? One reason is that it emerged from a whole generation of gaming portals and platforms. Some, like, got lucky or pivoted their business. Others by and large failed.